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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

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Requirement Analysis

The development process begins with a thorough analysis of user requirements, business needs, and technical specifications. This phase sets the foundation for the entire development process.It involves gathering, documenting, and analyzing the needs and expectations of stakeholders to define the scope and specifications of the software project.

Prototype Designing

Identify the primary audience for the prototype, including end-users, stakeholders, and development team members. Tailor the prototype to meet their specific needs and expectations. Decide on the fidelity level of the prototype. Low-fidelity prototypes focus on basic functionalities and overall layout, while high-fidelity prototypes provide a more detailed and realistic representation.

Development & Testing

Test planning involves defining the scope, objectives, resources, and schedule for testing activities. Test plans guide the testing process. Performance testing assesses the software’s responsiveness, speed, and scalability under different conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

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